Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291


Venice has to be one of my favorite places in Southern California. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to relax here on a weekday when there aren’t crowds of people clogging things up, you are blessed.

Tim Lambert and I were lucky enough to be able to meet up on a weekday in Venice to shoot. Tim hit me up about wanting to shoot some film so that was an instant yes for me. To the right are a few of the photos that came out of 3 different cameras.

I currently shoot all of my film on a Contax T2, Minolta Hi-Matic S2, a Canon XL-400 Super 8mm, and Canon Canonet GIII ql17. All fine cameras, very different and unique to use in their own way, I couldnt be happier with my quiver. Though more film cameras will be purchased soon including a long sought-after medium format camera.

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to share to any social platforms.


Brian Kimpson