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The Premiere Preset Pack contains 3 custom handcrafted presets - 1 cool, 1 BNW, and 1 true tone - developed for your use and manipulation. Feel free to distribute them to your friends.

04 / The Savage / Cold and well, savage. The Savage adds a punch to your photo through a desaturated and cool look. Be a savage.

05 / Tokyo 1955 / Soft and bright, 05s light motto is to save both highlights and shadows so you get the most out of your photo,  all while adding contrast and a grainy overlay for a pre-digital era look.

06 / MIST / When I think of the what mist is and the experience it provides I think of Sierra Mist, which is as refreshing as a soft drink gets. If you've ever sat on the patio of the Cheesecake Factory in Phoenix, Arizona - mid-summer - you'll understand how important mist is. Know what I'm sayin? Pickin up what I'm puttin down? MIST IS REFRESHING. I think you'll enjoy it so much you wont be able to have just one... photo with this preset on it.